Siopa Rince Teoranta

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Phoebe O'Donoghue

Phoebe O'Donoghue:

The principal director of Siopa Rince Teoranta is Phoebe O'Donoghue. Phoebe is a registered Teacher and Adjudicator with An Coimiin le Rince Gaelacha and comes from a long tradition of Irish Dancing. The O'Donoghue school was founded in 1950  by her mother Phoebe Cullen and is run now mainly by Phoebe's sister Siobhan.

Although extremely busy with Siopa Rince Phoebe still finds some time to teach Irish Dancing as well as being a regular adjudicator on the international circuit.
Phoebe brings a lifetime of knowledge and experience of Irish Dancing to her work at Siopa Rince. A costume never leaves the premises without her personal seal of approval. When she started the company in 1996 her stated aim was "To produce the best Irish Dancing Costumes in the world at reasonable costs and with quick delivery".