The Premier League is one of the most celebrated football leagues in the world. A lot of punters have their eyes set on this league. This league is very competitive and is, at times, difficult to predict.

However, many punters often get their predictions right. Punters regularly rely on top teams in the premier league to get easy winnings. These teams may at times not perform as expected, and one may end up losing a bet. Here are some of the best Premier League teams that bettors await to produce upsets in their bookies.

Manchester United

This is one of the best teams in the Premier League according to the number of trophies they have won and their net worth. This team has however been sloppy in recent seasons. They have gone ahead and lost games to even bottom three clubs. They often have the betting odds in their favor, but they end up performing poorly on the field. This has led to most of the bettors awaiting them to upset betslips.


This is one of the top six clubs in the Premier League. They have been performing exemplary well in recent seasons. They seem to have lost the edge of things in the 2019/2020 season. This is because of their sudden dip in form. They have started losing matches that analysis pointed a win to their side. This has made the bettors watch their games as they await a disappointment.


This is a top club in the Premier League. Bettors consider this club to be inconsistent in their games. They can easily lose a match to a bottom three club and then win a match against a top-six club. The club made a change of the manager to change things. However, the anticipated change did not occur. Their inconsistent form has led to bettors awaiting an upset from Arsenal almost every time they play.