Betting is a game of risk. The risk is big to the extent that you may end up losing your money. No one wants to lose their hard-earned money a reason why most gamblers have favourite teams that rarely or never disappoint when they place their stakes on them. Some teams are not very consistent; thus, it is not worth placing your money on them. Some of the premier league teams include:

Norwich City

Norwich City is one of those teams which gamblers cannot place their money on. Once you place a bet on this team, the likelihood of getting no returns is very high unless it is your lucky day. In the premier league this season, Norwich has only won two games. The best bet that will probably reward you is placing against this team.


Southampton is an English Premier League team that has been quite inconsistent this season. This inconsistency makes gamblers not to trust the team with their money. They are currently at position 19 having won two, drawn two and lost eight matches.


So far this season, Everton have been quite unpredictable. Gamblers try as much as possible to predict the outcome of a match basing their analysis on previous performances and results. Everton has lost the trust of most gamblers due to their varying performances.


Watford this season has been in poor form. From the results, you will definitely know that the team is not reliable to bet on. They are at number 18 having won only a single match out of the twelve played.


Another untrusted team in the Premier League is Wolverhampton. The team’s inconsistency makes it difficult to predict its results. This season, they have had many draws so far, having seven draws, three wins, and two losses. One cannot tell the exact bet to place on the team.