Football is one of the most popular sports among gamblers. Betting on football offers one a wide range betting options. It is available on a majority of betting sites. There are a huge number of games to bet on a daily basis. Even with all those pros, there are a number of things to consider if you choose to bet on football.

Team News

This is one of the most essential factors to look at. You will be surprised by the number of people who overlook this crucial factor. It is here where you will learn of the squad likely to start the game. You will get an insight into the injured players as well as those likely to return from injury. Sometimes just a single injury to a key player could alter the outcome of the game.

Current Form

The form of a team more often than not dictates the outcomes of their upcoming games. It is important to check out the team’s performance in at least five games prior to the one you are planning to bet on. A team with a winning run will be more motivated compared to a team with a winless run of, say, five games. This will be regardless of the tactical strength of the team.

Head to Head

Teams head-to-head performances are unbelievably helpful in match predictions. Bigger teams like England’s Manchester City have a very poor Head to Head performance against Wigan Athletic, a lower league team! Head to Head will also help predict other things like the number of goals likely to be scored. Some matches always produce a lot of goals regardless of the final results.


Sometimes you hear coaching staff and managers blaming the weather for their results, and it sounds like lame excuses. It is quite common for teams to score fewer goals in rainy and snowy conditions.