Betting is a common activity that is carried out in most parts of the world. Betting is done on almost all types of bets. Football is the most known sport that people bet on. There are various types of bets that punters can place in a betting site. Football has some of the most types of bets in sports betting. Here are some of the football bets that punters can place bets on.

Win Bets

This the type of bet where punters get to decide to choose which team they think are favourites to win the match. It is the most known type of bet. Here a punter can pick the home team or the away team to win a certain match. A punter can also pick the draw option in case the game ends as a draw at full time. All of these options have a different odd depending on the match.

Over/under 2.5 Goals

This is also a common option in most betting sites. This option is easy to predict for teams that are high scoring. It is also easy to predict for low scoring teams, and teams that have a strong defence thus concede little or no goals in a game. There are also options for over/under 1.5, 3.5, 4.5 and 5.5. Over/under 2.5 has the best odds among all these options.

Goal Goal (GG)

This is a great betting option if you are placing a bet on teams that are both high scoring. Such kind of games might end up having both teams scoring in a game. GG may at times have low odds. There is also the No Goal option (NG) which means that either one or both of the teams in the game do not score.

Correct Score

This where punters place the exact score prediction of how the game might end. This bet option has one of the best odds in football betting.